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Gulf South Leadership Institute serves faith-based and para-church organization, nonprofits, and business organizations by facilitating integrity of leadership. To this end, the Institute provides coaching and consulting services to aid leaders and managers.

A number of businesses face challenges which often reduce effectiveness and profitability, and in most cases a well-trained and prepared leadership or management team is one solution for overcoming these challenges. Gulf South Leadership Institute offers leadership development for organizations to inspire significant impact on talent retention and attraction.

Our consulting model is support-based, and Involves engaging in day-to-day management operations for a specific amount of time while compiling an analysis. After the compilation of the analysis, a plan of action is developed and communicated, outlining the strengths and weaknesses of the leadership or management team under review.

We offer a wealth of knowledge and experiences to help clients build effective organizations and service environments, utilizing a number of current leadership and management principles designed to meet their needs. In communicating and deploying these principles, unique methodologies are employed to design, plan, develop, implement and support each consulting project to a successful completion.