Program Overview

Projected Outcomes

By design and intention the LEGACY Institutes’s career mentoring program develops young men and women by focusing on the following outcomes:

  • Better decision making and choices during high school;
  • Lower incidence of substance abuse and disciplinary referrals for misbehavior;
  • Participation in co-curricular activities;
  • Pursuit of post-secondary school experience (college, university, or technical school);
  • Pursuit of graduate school or a career soon after college

legacy youth dev svcs

Program Approach

LEGACY Institute focuses on three important aspects of youth career development as outlined above.

Life Skills Development equips the participants with skills that improve eligibility for employment or pursuit of post-secondary education. Career Exposure is delivered through programs that provide information, skills and credentials required to enter and advance in a field of choice. Youth Development Initiatives include any and all services that we can make available to aid the youth in overcoming individual challenges to success.