Legacy Institute

LEGACY Youth Development Institute is a workforce readiness initiative for high school students. LEGACY Institute is a partnership with the adult professional community to educate, equip, and empower the youth by: fostering applied skills, exposing them to a wide range of careers and offering youth development services (mentoring, guidance and crisis intervention). Professionals are drawn from different fields, namely: health care, wellness and fitness, city government, law enforcement, banking, technology development, industrial science, engineering, wildlife and fisheries, theater and fine arts.

The program is designed to develop young people who: pursue higher education, attain meaningful career goals, and possess life skills and problem solving skills. This is done through diverse learning environments (interactive workshops, peer discussion groups, problem solving projects, communication opportunities, service opportunities) designed to encourage critical thinking, inspire problem solving and develop life skills. The three components: critical thinking, problem solving and life skills development form the core of LEGACY’s approach and curriculum.

LEGACY Institute provides positive mentoring and guidance and develops the skills necessary to help mold young professionals who will serve as the future workforce of our local communities.

Gulf South Leadership Institute actively and intentionally seeks partnerships with successful adults in the professional community who are willing and available to help youth in our community by offering guidance to facilitate a successful pathway to careers.